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Namaste Lotus Flower Wall Art

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"The lotus flower is one of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism. It is a sign of purity and spiritual awakening. The lotus flower is often depicted with eight petals, symbolizing the Buddhist eightfold path. The lotus flower blossoming from mud can be taken to represent the spiritual path to enlightenment"

It is perfect for any household and makes for a great wedding, Christmas, anniversary or housewarming gift to make your home feeling special.

It comes with spacers to sit off the wall.

Comes in 3 finish options and 2 sizes:

Stainless steel brush finish

Aluminium powder coated Black Or White (Outdoors)


600mm x 400mm


900mm x 600mm

Package contains:

1 x Namaste Lotus Flower Wall art

4 x Stainless steel screws.

4 x plugs.