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Shoelace Tags - 30% off @ checkout

Motivational shoelace tags is a must for those fanatic sports people.

These are perfect gifts for friends and family for the extra motivation.

Explanation why we do sets of tags for lots of writing instead of 1 tag: As we care for our clients we do not want you having to get a new prescription for your glasses (hahahaha) just to read what is said on your shoelace tags, that is why we have limited words on our tags, nothing worse than stopping mid run and getting on your haunches and squinting badly to get that extra motivation from a tag that is filled with small writing.

Our shoelace tags are stainless steel laser cut, which get put through our Webber brushing machine after cutting to make sure you get that perfect brushed look, no ways are we skimping on you our client with thinner material or pre-brushed and scratched tags.