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Tree Of Life kissing Couple Wall Art

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Liven your house up with this amazing 3 piece Tree Of Life Kissing Couple.

Comes in 3 individual pieces for you to mount on a wall in your home to give it that extra piece of individuality.

This amazing wall art comes in either a stainless steel brush finish or you can have it in a color. We offer Ferro Grain Black, Bronze or White.

Parts Sizes Small:

Left Piece: 24.8cm x 45.6cm

Middle Piece: 42.2cm x 54.7cm

Right Piece: 24.8cm x 45.6cm

Parts Sizes Medium:

Left Piece: 37.5cm x 69cm

Middle Piece: 64cm x 83cm

Right Piece: 37.5cm x 69cm

Parts Sizes Large:

Left Piece: 56cm x 100cm

Middle Piece: 96cm x 124cm

Right Piece: 56cm x 100cm