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Why are our laser cut products more expensive than wood & acrylics

Posted by Darren Staples on

During our many years designing and laser cutting our products we have been asked but WHY are they more expensive than other suppliers who use wood, plastic & acrylic materials?

Well that is very simple, our products are made to last.

Being stainless steel or mild steel powder coated they are tough material products that need force to bend and break which gives them the leading edge.

acrylic gets brittle in the sun and cracks by itself, plastics the same and for wood if it is not a thick piece it will be much easier to break.

Laser cutting on those materials requires a small laser cutter which believe me can cost one hundredth of the laser cutting machines we need to laser cut our materials, we use a fibre laser, 8kw one of the highest powered laser in SA, it gives exact smoothness to the cutting, precise cuts on the finest of detail.

When you purchase one of our products you are keeping it for life, not having to replace it because it fell off the wall or faded away.

Try us out, we won't disapoint you.